Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nutritional Yeast V

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Welcome to our second installment of NOOCHvember cartoons!  In honor of our favorite vegan food and our love of themes, each cartoon this month will be devoted to nutritional yeast.  Please follow along with our super-corporate #NOOCHvember hashtag.

It is no secret that we love to poking fun at food logos and creating our own satirical interpretations.  Swiss Chard (Skittles), Butternut Squash (Butterfinger), Chickpea of the Sea, Sun Chokes (Sun Chips) and Coconut (Cool) Whip are a few of our favorites.

Please welcome the newest addition to our collection, inspired by this incredible Nooch-Its recipe by Beth at Eat Within Your Means.  Beth's Nooch-Its are a work of art unto themselves!


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