About Us

The details are bit fuzzy but Meredith recalls reading an article about the development of the food pyramid back in the 90's and how various (powerful) food councils influenced the final outcome.  While there are big advertising councils backing things like milk and various meats, there wasn't much by way of advertising for many of her favorite fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds.  Meredith wanted to lend a helping hand in a lighthearted way.

Meanwhile, as a relatively new vegan and enthusiastic home cook with an obsession for reading vegan food blogs, Meredith had picked up so many tips, tricks, and trivia from the vegan community.  With a vegan food blog, she wanted to share the wisdom of the community with others, including non-vegans.

But how did crude-but-cute cartoons come into the picture?  Like many vegan bloggers, Meredith wanted to promote veganism in neither an intimidating, preachy, nor elitist manner.  That's where cartoons and goofy puns come in as a sort of equalizer.

Here at Kale Crusaders our goal is to promote foods with small advertising budgets and make "fun" of plant foods. We smile whenever you discover new foods, reconnect with long-lost ingredients, or chuckle in the middle of a work day.  We love to hear from friends that they learned of something like kohlrabi on the blog, but we also find it rewarding when we can save a friend from throwing out a half-can of chickpeas that's about to go bad with a fun recipe.

Kale Crusaders Headquarters is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts Queens, NY, USA. Meredith is our Chief Plant Pusher / Cartoonist and Adam is our Director of Puns and Webmastery. Aside from marriage, vacation planning, and a shared bank account, this is their first collaboration.

We're happy to talk at info@kalecrusaders.com
You should follow us on Twitter @KaleCrusaders.