Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chickpea III

Chickpea of the Sea The Best Tuna, Chickpea Tuna, Chuna, Chickpea Snorkeler, Snorkel, Swimmies, Flippers

Here is a brief summary of the creation process for today's cartoon:
  1. Randomly consider the idea of vegetarian tuna sandwiches;
  2. Search the web for canned tuna brands;
  3. Peruse the results, including Starkist, Bumble Bee, and Chicken of the Sea;
  4. Immediately identify "Chickpea of the Sea"as the ideal pun;
  5. Conduct another search for "chickpea of the sea" recipes; 
  6. Discover Chickpea of the Sea Salad Sandwiches by Julie at The Simple Veganista;
  7. Battle the nuances of the Chicken of the Sea font for a while;
  8. Fail to create a believable chickpea mermaid;
  9. Experience the comedic value of and nostalgia for bright orange swimmies;
  10. Use this list format for the write-up, click Publish, and hope for the best!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Canned Coconut Whip, Canned Coconut Milk Whipped Cream, Cool Whip Logo, Vegan Whipped Cream, Non-dairy Whipped Cream

File this Coconut Whipped Cream by Leslie Durso in your "Vegan Dessert Magic Tricks" folder along with Banana Soft-Serve and Avocado Pudding.

Simply refrigerate a can of coconut milk for a few hours, scoop the solid white cream from the top of the can, whip with some powdered sugar and vanilla, and then go nuts!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Sunchoke, Jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, earth apple, topinambour, sun chips logo

It has been a while since we parodied a logo.  Sunchoke is also known as Jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, and earth apple.  Like many tubers, Sunchoke can be baked into chips!

Check out these Sunchoke Chips by Alysa Bajenaru at inspiredRD.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Cinco Vegan Mayos for Cinco de Mayo, Vegan Tofu Mayonnaise, Vegan Tahini Mayonnaise, Vegan Avocado Mayonnaise, Vegan Flax Seed Mayonnaise, Vegan Cashew Mayonnaise, Egg-free Mayonnaise

Here at Kale Crusaders we rarely drop the "V" word. Our objective is to highlight the variety plant-based foods and the versatility of such ingredients, as well as showcase vegan recipes (or simple-to-veganize recipes) of talented food bloggers.

One awesome outcome of vegan cooking is the kitchen creativity born out of constraints: by cutting out a small number of ingredients, you avail yourself to many more that can serve a similar purpose. Let's take mayonnaise. Leaving out eggs and introduces you to five potentially new ingredients: tofu, tahini, avocado, flax seeds, and cashews.
  1. Tofu Mayonnaise by Cheryl Hurley at The Laidback Vegan
  2. Egg-free Olive Oil [Tahini] Mayo by Karina Allrich at Gluten-Free Goddess 
  3. Avocado Vegan Mayonnaise by Chantale Michaud at Eat Heal Love
  4. Egg-less [Flax Seed] Mayo by Melissa Joulwan at The Clothes Make the Girl
  5. Cashew Mayo by Kiersten Frase at Oh My Veggies
P.S. Vegans aren't the only ones expanding their creativity in the kitchen as a result of dietary limitations. The gluten-free, Paleo, low-fat, and various allergen-free crowds are also whipping up inventive dishes.

P.P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!