Tuesday, February 11, 2014


banana soft serve ice cream, vegan banana ice cream

Bananas are the Swiss Army Knife of the culinary world.*

The internet has not been the same since Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw introduced Banana Soft Serve to the world back in 2009.  Some of our favorite variations include PB Chocolate Chip Banana Ice Cream by Cupcakes and Kale and Banana & Chocolate Soft Serve by Cadry's Kitchen.

* Here are a few other uses of this jack of all trades:
How do ripen an avocado in a jiffy?  Place it in a paper bag along with a banana.
What do you do if your bananas are too ripe?  Bake banana bread.
Do you want to replace eggs in your baked good?  Mix in a mashed banana.
Do you want to reduce the oil in your baked good? Mix in a mashed banana.
Do you want some bon bons, stat?  Slice bananas, coat with melted chocolate, and freeze.

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