Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chickpea II

chickpea, tomato soup, no cream

Happy 2013 2014!  In 2013 we were a bit under the weather, but today we're back with some new cartoons.  We are playing around with the idea of cartooning some of your favorite underrepresented foods in new situations, including the recipes of talented food bloggers.

As you may already know, chickpeas lurk in the darndest places, including this Quickie Tomato Soup by Kathy Patalsky of Healthy. Happy. Life.  Legumes, potatoes, cauliflower, and nuts provide some pretty sneaky and delicious ways to add creaminess to soups without actually adding cream.


  1. This tomato soup looks nice, I'll try it. I prefer beans in soups, chickpeas take forever to cook, but I will make the effort :). I like chickpeas in humus with, as advised by Ali Baba, sesame paste, also known as tahini. The chickpeas are the best in falafel. no need to cook only soaking for about 8 hours.
    This website is great!

  2. So good to see this again! woohoo!

  3. Mmm! That tomato soup and grilled cheese sounds like the perfect dinner for this foot of snow that's falling. Thanks, Kale Crusaders! We've missed you!

    1. Missed you too! We were strongly considering making this classic combo during the snowstorm also. Sadly we were too lazy to whip up this simple recipe.