Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nutritional Yeast VII

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Welcome to our fourth and final installment of NOOCHvember cartoons!  In honor of our favorite vegan food and our love of themes, each cartoon this month will be devoted to nutritional yeast.  Please follow along with our super-corporate #NOOCHvember hashtag.

NOOCHvember is coming to a close this week.  It's an appropriate time to look ahead: to December, to next year, and to the future.  At this time of reflection and consideration, our friends have been thinking about the next big thing in food spread technology.

As budding futurists, today's cartoon represents one of the first Crusaders' attempts at dreaming up the future of nutritional yeast in the commercial food space.  Noochtella is not just a cheesy spread that you can pour over nachos or noodles.  We're envisioning a product that you would be eager to spread on a piece of toast and call breakfast.

P.S. Our favorite guest cartoonist, Eugene Wu, has had quite a busy year.  In addition to creating today's nooch-tastic cartoon, he also dreamed up a sat-sumo wrestler back in February as well as this year's April Fool's Day cartoon.  Alongside these achievements, Eugene managed to find time this year to complete his Ph.D. and score a faculty position at Columbia University.  Let's cross our fingers that he continues to dream up amazing cartoons for us from way up in those ivory towers.


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