Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Buckwheat II

You and me are like kash & varnishkes; roasted buckwheat, Valentine's Day, plant power couples

The month of February is often associated with Valentine's Day and all things love-related. Regardless of your affection or disdain for this holiday, we can probably all agree that we love food, especially our plant friends.  In honor of plant foods that pair well together, all of our February cartoons will feature plant power couples.

I would venture to say that we cook up kasha varnishkes (toasted buckwheat and bow-tie noodles) nearly once month here at Kale Crusaders Headquarters. The toasted buckwheat, nearly-burnt onions, starchy noodles, and generous splashes of olive oil make this a satisfying and comforting Eastern European-inspired dish. 

We encourage you to cozy up with a bowl of homemade kasha varnishkes and this Kasha Varnishkes recipe (with the olive oil option) by Olga Massov at Sassy Radish is similar to the informal recipe that we follow.

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