Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peas II

Green Pea Cookies, Yippea! Chinese New Year Coookies

In anticipation of Saint Patrick's Day (and just for fun), we've decided to feature only green food cartoons this month!

We wonder if the folks at Green Pea Cookie will be our friends. We have so much in common--a love of puns, food cartoons, and vegan snacks.  We had never heard of green pea cookies until last month when a few vegan bloggers shared their reviews of this unique snack.

Intrigued and hungry, we looked up some recipes online and found that these green cookies are a popular Chinese New Year treat that are pretty simple to make.  For those of you who want another excuse to add green veggies to your baked goods--this Green Pea Cookie recipe by Swee San at The Sweet Spot is for you!

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with Green Pea Cookie; although, we do follow each other on Twitter.

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