Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Navy Bean

Navy - The Other White Bean
Navy Bean is the quiet hero. Mr. Bean is easily lost in a sea of white bean options, such as cannellini and giant beans. Still, a casual observer should not be fooled. Navy Bean is a Renaissance bean, capable of transforming into delicious dips, soups, cutletsgravies, and desserts!

Don't forget Navy Bean's cousins: red, pink, green, black, yellow, and speckled—collect them all!


  1. Wooot!! Thanks for the shout-out!! LOVE LOVE Navy Beans in pretty much EVERYTHING too!

  2. I think navy beans may be my favorite! Thanks for the love!

  3. Navy bean cookies? No way! I want!

    PS Those cutlets look delish, and I just so happen to have some dried porcini mushrooms in the ol' cupboard...