Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bean Brine IV

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Inspired by the recent discovery of bean / chickpea brine as a suitable egg white substitute, our theme this month is "Bean Cuisine." We will devote this month's entire collection of cartoons to the amazing concoctions that come from the humble bean's humble brine.

Growing up, Lucky Charms did not make many appearances in our house but I distinctly remember the 1 or 2 boxes that crossed the threshold into our cupboard when I was about 10 years old. Ever the responsible adult, my mom reminded us that marshmallow cereal was an unacceptable breakfast item and promptly relegated it to the snack category.

Unsurprisingly, my older brother and I ate all of the marshmallows (at snack time, of course) and left most of the cereal in the box. Fortunately, my mom claimed that the marshmallows in Lucky Charms were “too sweet” while the cereal was “just sweet enough” compared to the twig-like Kashi cereal she enjoyed at the time. So began the short-lived but glorious Lucky Charms symbiotic relationship between child and parent.

Thanks to Kelly Peloza at Seitan Beats Your Meat for this amazing Vegan Lucky Charms recipe, inspiring this cartoon, and for bringing back a random, quirky memory of mine.

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