Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Millet II

It's Millet Time; It's Miller Time

For lack of a food-related festivity to look forward to in January, we are psyching ourselves up for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1. With less than one month to plan and prepare a snack spread, we intend to devote our next month to "snack-y" cartoons.

Our "Millet: Business in the front, party in your mouth" cartoon was the fifth cartoon on the site and one of our goofiest cartoons to date. We kind of cringe looking back at our older, more crude cartoons but it is also fun to witness the incremental, organic changes (and, perhaps, maturity?) of this quirky corner of the internet.

Nonetheless, there are so many uses for Millet that we have not yet discussed.  Substitute millet in your favorite rice, quinoa, or grain dish for a nutty surprise. Richa Hingle at Vegan Richa brings millet into savory granola territory with her Sour Cream & Onion Hemp Millet Crunch Snack / Granola recipe.  Perhaps you can whip up this quirky new snack for your Super Bowl spread this weekend!