Friday, May 11, 2012


Quinoa: The Mother Grain

Happy (early) Mother's Day!  The Inca's were the first to recognize Quinoa's awesomeness in taste and nutrition, bestowing unto her the title of "Mother of all grains."

Biologists went for a more dry definition, classifying Mama Quinoa as a pseudocereal or pseudograin. Let's take this as a lesson: biology can't define a grain or a family.

This weekend, prepare a five-course quinoa feast for Mom!  Here's a menu:
Appetizer: Quinoa Salad Stuff Grape Leaves
Soup: Ecuadorian-style Quinoa Soup
Salad: Toasted Quinoa Arugula Apple Salad
Entree: Thai Fried Quinoa
Dessert: Quinoa Brownies

Happy Mother's Day to our Kale Crusader Moms!


  1. Yum! All these recipes look wonderful. Did you know the UN has declared 2013 the International Year of Quinoa?

    You've come a long way, Chisaya Mama!

    1. Wow, we are pumped for 2013! Thanks for the trivia!