Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pinto Bean

Pintorest - Share your favorite Pinto Bean images with the Web

Pintorest just closed a round of funding that values it at 1.5 billion beans.  That makes it the coolest and most lucrative way to organize and share your favorite Pinto Bean images with the Web.

Mr. Bean travels the world in search of the perfect photo-op but our favorite shots take place in the not-so-exotic locations of chili, refried beans, and enchiladas. Delish.

P.S.  We love Pinterest (note the real spelling)!  If you are a Pinterest employee, thank you for sharing your logo's source file on your website.  We hope this particular use of your logo leads to a chuckle rather than a cease and desist letter.


  1. Too cute! I would totally join Pintorest. It's a very picture-worthy bean!