Friday, July 27, 2012

Golden Melon

Going for the Golden Melon!

You train for years.  You wake up every day before the sun rises and fight through the pain just to have a chance to participate.  You try, fail, and fail again.  Every once in a while you have a good day.  Finally, you kick off the 2012 Summer Olympics!  The Kale Crusaders are inspired by the talent, the athleticism, and the potential to generate 2.5 weeks of Olympics-themed puns.

And that's why we hope every athlete goes for the Golden Melon.

Mr. Melon, through his many fans, has picked up monickers like Golden Honey Melon, Yellow Melon, Korean Melon, and Cham Way.  He is kind of an all-star athlete. Refreshing and thirst-quenching in popsicles and fruit salads, and simply delicious au naturale, Golden Melon is ready to take on the world.  Good luck to all of our athletes!

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