Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Even without the goose bill, Gooseberry looks like an alien from another planet. But she's nice, trust us!  Fortunately, Ms. Goose is in season in the United States right now, and throughout the year she can be seen travelling around the world.

When it comes to snacking, you can go the more traditional berry route with gooseberry pie, or the slightly less traveled route with gooseberry fool. If you'd like to spice things up a bit, try some gooseberry chutney, or, for the feign of heart, consider cooling things down with gooseberry juice.

P.S. Thanks to Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes and her Chocolate Decadence Cake for the inspiration!


  1. OK I think this one officially merits the start of a t-shirt line. I would totally wear this. And "Bok Choy is Your Boy."

    1. Thanks so much, Erin! Adam totally wants this T-shirt too. It is definitely time for us to release some love to the t-shirt world. :)

  2. Agreed! Agreed! Agreed!