Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stawberry & Blueberry

America the berry-ful
Happy (early) 4th of July!  In addition to acknowledging America's mid-summer yumfest holiday, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Berry Olympic team.  

Beloved individually, Team Strawberry and Team Blueberry will join forces in the Summer Olympic Games.  Show your support by making red, white, and blue fruit kebabsfruit salads, and sweet pizza pies. (And while we're at it, the berry design inspires an easy-to-make flag cake!)

P.S. Given that this flag only has 48 stars (the whitespace between the blueberries), it would only be a valid cake between July 4, 1912 and July 3, 1959.  Thanks, Wikipedia!


  1. KC-

    I'm confused. Is there a political statement being made here? The
    homogeneity of the strawberry and blueberry sections would seem to
    imply a vision of an America divided. Who are the strawberries, and
    who are the blueberries? Also, these foods are not particularly
    underrepresented. I had a particularly delicious fruit salad featuring
    these entrants in the recent past; I will admit that it made me feel a
    bit more American.

    Regardless of the political undertones, I consider this to be a
    fantastic display of patriotism. When push comes to shove, we
    Americans really are all just fruits (and, in some cases, fruitcakes).

    On that note, I feel obliged to open the door to additional political


    Happy Fourth!


    1. Dear M,

      You ask very good questions, many of which I cannot adequately answer at this time. We will consider changing our motto to "Promoting underrepresented (and pun-worthy) foods."

      Thanks for reading,