Monday, October 29, 2012


Contestant #21: Vam-pear, Vampire Pear, Kale Crusaders 1st Annual Halloween Costume Parade, Powered by Vegan MoFo 2012
In October, we're posting one Costume Parade cartoon per weekday as part of Vegan MoFo. Want to go to the beginning of the Costume Parade? Start with some candy corn!

Things just took a turn for the spooky here at the Costume Parade.  Our next contestant is the rotund Vampire Pear or Vam-pear for short.  Rather than focus on the dark and icky details of vampire lore, let's admire Vam-pear's fabulous vampire ensemble, including a vest and a cummerbund.

Finally, let's not overlook some other fabulous pear ensemble pieces in pear apple ginger juicetangy tahini pear dressingroasted pear, roasted pepper, chedda' & sauerkraut quesadillas, pear galette, and pear gelato.