Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Your Favorite Costume / T-shirt!

If you're in America today, you know that there is a very special election going on: people everywhere are voting for their favorite contestant in the Halloween Costume Parade!

Leave a comment below and/or Tweet @KaleCrusaders to vote for your favorite contestant in the parade.  Comments and Tweets will count as separate votes!

The winning entry will become our first printed T-shirt.  We'll also randomly select two voters who voted for the winner to receive a T-shirt of the winning cartoon!  Voting is open until Sunday, November 11 at 12:00 PM EST.  (Anyone can vote, but we can only ship the free T-shirts within the United States and Canada.)

For a larger view, here's a rundown of all the contestants!
Contestant #1:   Candy Corn
Contestant #2:   Butternut Squash Bar
Contestant #3:   Jelly Belly Wanna-beans
Contestant #4:   Candy Apple
Contestant #5:   Peanut Buttercup Squash
Contestant #6:   Maple Syrup
Contestant #7:   Lime Mime
Contestant #8:   Brocco-saurus
Contestant #9:   Rainbow Carrots
Contestant #10: Cauliflower Child
Contestant #11: Rambutan
Contestant #12: Dandelion Greens
Contestant #13: Elephant Garlic
Contestant #14: Lobster Mushroom
Contestant #15: Cowpea
Contestant #16: Clark Currant
Contestant #17: Monstera the Explorer
Contestant #18: Dick Van Daikon
Contestant #19: Coolio as a Cucumber
Contestant #20: Julia Chard
Contestant #21: Vam-pear
Contestant #22: Seitan Satan
Contestant #23: Ghost Pepper

Good luck!  We are excited to finally release our first T-shirt!


  1. Seitan Satan! Love the name, and I also don't like seitan, so dressing it as Satan is totally appropriate in my book. Speaking of t-shirts, can T-shirt number two be Duck, Duck, Gooseberry please?

  2. Peanut Buttercup Squash OR I QUIT!

  3. I think my favorite is coolio as a cucumber

  4. Here's my rundown: #1: Clark Curant (that hair!) #2: Buttercup Squash (such a winning smile) #3 Coolio Cucumber (killer attitude).

  5. bah. this is exceptionally difficult to decide...I'm going with ghost pepper!

  6. I loved Dick Van Daikon...too clever!

  7. the rambutan brings all the girls to the yard

  8. +1 for peanut buttercup squash! But what I'm really wondering is how to get my hands on a kale shirt. Hmm, creative commons...

  9. Maple Syrup is my jam...I love that he is so sweet and just going in for a hug!!!

  10. Gah! Decisions were never my strong suit…cowpea originally won my heart, but then I just wanted to pinch elephant garlic’s cheeks. And lobster mushroom! Now, he had a really convincing costume! But cauliflower child…I just can’t stop saying it. So maybe that’s my answer. Cauliflower child it is!

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