Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tofu IV + Butternut Squash II

Vegan "egg" in a basket: A hole in one! Toad in a hole, Toad in the hole, Egg in the hole, Egg in a hole, toast

In September, we're posting one cartoon per day as part of Vegan MoFo. Our theme, *Vegan Faux Show*, showcases various methods for creating vegan versions of classic foods like bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Since today is the last day of our 10-day ode to egg-like vegan breakfast foods, we wanted to close out this momentous occasion with an impressive vegan food fake-out.  Commonly known as either "Egg in a basket" or "Toad in the Hole", this clever concoction by Vanessa Rees (via Jamie K at Save the Kales) consists of a classic vegan egg component (tofu) and a dark horse ingredient (an orange squash such as butternut squash).

P.S. We had an awesome chat and #veganmofo roundup with @TheSexyVegan. Check it out here:

Vegan MoFo proudly present Vegan Faux Show 2014


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    1. Thanks, Cadry! We are sad to see the end of 10-day ode to egg-like foods but excited to share 10 more vegan mac & cheese cartoons!