Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Coconut IV

Macaroni & coconut milk cheese: a runaway succes, vegan mac and cheese, vegan macaroni and cheese

In September, we're posting one cartoon per day as part of Vegan MoFo. Our theme, *Vegan Faux Show*, showcases various methods for creating vegan versions of classic foods like bacon, eggs, and cheese.

Coconut is such a dear.  He butters our bread, whips our cream, and provides bacon-y goodness. Now Coconut is swimming in our mac and cheese! Like cashew cream, coconut milk provides a nice creamy, fatty base for this Vegan Mac and Cheese recipe by Jeanine Donofrio at Love & Lemons.

Vegan MoFo proudly present Vegan Faux Show 2014


  1. This one is so adorable! I approve of the macaroni & can's choice of footwear.

    The coconut is such a badass. There's nothing it can't do. It seems to be begging for a Snoop Dog reference like, "Drupe it like it's hot."

    1. Thanks! The Cons make an appearance every once in awhile on the blog since the standard-issue boots aren't always reliable for athletic endeavors.

      Embarrassing confession: We needed to Google "drupe" but now we are pumped for the pun opportunities! :)