Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nuts + Seeds

Raw Scramble: Chock full o' nuts (and seeds)!, Chock full of nutes and (seeds)!

In September, we're posting one cartoon per day as part of Vegan MoFo. Our theme, *Vegan Faux Show*, showcases various methods for creating vegan versions of classic foods like bacon, eggs, and cheese.

While we've mentioned before that vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, low-fat, and allergen-free crowds whip up some inventive dishes as a result as a result of dietary restrictions, we neglected to include raw vegans in that list.

Broadly, raw vegans believe that there are health benefits to consuming a diet that consists mostly of food that has not been heated beyond 118 °F. Nuts and seeds play major roles as protein sources in a raw vegan diet and this Raw Vegan & Gluten Free Veggie Scramble by Chef Teri Vlaskamp at Global Raw exemplifies the incredibly creative and delicious spirit of raw veganism.

Vegan MoFo proudly present Vegan Faux Show 2014


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